A representative of the IVSQ will provide a half-hour consultation with the bride prior to the wedding date to assist in choosing suitable music for the service.
On the day of the service, the quartet will provide a half-hour of seating music prior to the ceremony, the processional for the bridal party, the bridal processional, and the recessional at the end. With prior notice, the IVSQ may also provide music which may be needed within the ceremony itself: lighting of a unity candle, meditation or prayer, offertory, communion, standard hymns, and accompaniment of a soloist (provided suitable music for accompaniment can be obtained).
Costs start at $800 for one hour of service [seating and ceremony] for a total of 60 minutes (with a grace period of an additional 15 minutes for a maximum of 75 minutes*).  Most civil and Protestant services usually fit within this time frame.  Catholic services sometimes run longer and may require additional payment.  Overtime charges at $200 per half-hour of overtime starting with $200 for *76-90 minutes, $400 for 91-120 minutes, etc.  The IVSQ is not responsible for delays occuring which are outside their purview.  Time, for the purpose of payment, begins at the contractually-agreed-upon start time.  Half of the agreed-upon fee will be paid two-weeks in advance (cash or check) as a non-refundable deposit, and the remainder in CASH upon the START of the service.  Any overtime will be paid in cash upon completion of the service.
The IVSQ can provide dinner/reception music at a rate of $800 for the first hour, and $400 for each additional hour.  If a service is to run more than one hour, then the quartet will play for 50 minutes with a 10 minute break before each additional 50-minute set.  There is no grace period for dinners/receptions.  If a dinner/reception follows a wedding after the end of the wedding at the same location immediately upon completion of the wedding, the reception will continue at only $400 per additional hour, without the initial $800 that would have been charged for a reception alone.  If the reception is at a different location, or begins more than an hour after the completion of the wedding, the reception is considered a separate event and starts its first hour with an $800 fee and $400 for each additional hour.
Additional travel costs will be charged for services outside the Imperial Valley.
The IVSQ generally performs in concert black: tuxedos, white shirt, and bowtie for the men; black dresses or pantsuits for the women.
It is the responsibility of the contracting party to provide a suitable performance space (approx. 8’x8’), four armless chairs (folding chairs are acceptable).  If location lighting is dim, the quartet must have access to a 120v electrical outlet for its stand lights.  The quartet generally plays indoors.  It is the responsibility of the contracting party to ensure that indoor settings are properly air conditioned (or have a stable “room” temperature). For services outdoors, suitable shade or shelter must be provided.  The musicians may refuse to play if the temperature is less than 60 degrees or more than 90 degrees, or if the weather is inclement (rain, snow, hail, sleet, wind, dust), because of possible damage to their instruments.  
In case of illness, or other problems, the IVSQ will attempt to fulfill its obligation by providing alternate musicians, if possible.